Brain Diffusion Atlas

Neonate Brain

Age-specific map of diffusion metrics in the neonate brain. The data are driven from 565 neonates for DWI/ADC maps, and 162 for DTI metrics. All neonates were neurologically and radiologically normal.

Neonates are grouped according to corrected gestational age at scan time with those aged between two gestational timepoints assigned to the lower time point – e.g. from 37 weeks and 0 days to 37 weeks and 6 days denoted as 37 weeks of gestational age. You can select a diffusion metric (ADC, FA or MD), scroll through the ADC brain map, and view a plot displaying the age-specific diffusion metrics by clicking on each voxel. By hovering your mouse over specific plot points, you can view the mean ± SD for gestational age at scan time. The sample size of neonates contributing to the calculations at each particular gestational age cohort is also displayed.
MRIs performed on a Siemens 3T Skyra scanner.
Axial DWIs: TR=6500 ms, TE=90 ms, Flip angle=90, field of view 22x22 cm, slice thickness 4 mm, matrix of 130x130, and b-values of 0 and 1000 s/mm2.
Axial DTIs were obtained using a single-shot, echoplanar imaging sequence: TR=10200 ms, TE=94 ms, Flip angle=90, field of view 18x18 cm, slice thickness 2.5 mm, matrix of 128x128, a single b-0 and 30 b-1000 s/mm2 acquisition

FA = Fractional Anisotropy
MD = Mean Diffusivity
ADC = Apparent Diffusion Coefficient

More information

Bobba PS, Weber CF, Mak A, Mozayan A, Malhotra A, Sheth KN, Taylor SN, Vossough A, Grant PE, Scheinost D, Constable RT, Ment LR, Payabvash S. Age-related topographic map of magnetic resonance diffusion metrics in neonatal brains. Hum Brain Mapp. 2022 May 23. doi: 10.1002/hbm.25956. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 35599634.

Version history

Version 2.0 published in February 2022, using a neonate-adapted brain template. Therefore, template images as well as values have changed as compared to Version 1.0
Version 1.0 published June 2021, using standard MNI152 brain templates

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Contributors: Pratheek Bobba, Clara Weber, Adrian Mak, Sam Payabvash
Yale School of Medicine, Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging