Brain Diffusion Atlas

Neonate Brain

This atlas shows mean Fractional Anisotropy, Mean Diffusivity and Apparent Diffusion Coefficient values of the neonate brain. Values are based on 569 DWI images. Scroll through slides and select a region to get started!
The normative ADC values were derived from a cohort of 569 neonates, normative FA and MD values were derived from a cohort of 162 neonates.
You can see the mean ± standard deviation and number (n) of subjects in each gestational age cohort by hovering your mouse over the error bars.
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FA = Fractional Anisotropy
MD = Mean Diffusivity
ADC = Apparent Diffusion Coefficient
Contributors: Pratheek Bobba, Clara Weber, Adrian Mak, Sam Payabvash
Yale School of Medicine, Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging